Celica Alltrac Mods

I'm now using the AEM PnP EMS. The TEC3 was removed and sold in Sept. 04

Engine Management System aka: Standalone Computer, TEC3
For more info: Electromotive, Inc., TrueLeo Creations, & MR Controls

No more afm, stock coil and igniter, distributor, cold start injector, and turbo pressure sensor.

Straight Pipe Intake


Upgraded CT26 with a T04E "50" compressor trim.

(FYI, this was my old turbo, a TD06 is currently installed on the Alltrac)

Here are 1" H&R spacers on an ST185.

Gauges & Steering Wheel

Whiteline Rear Converted Shock for ST185

Here is the picture Whiteline of Australia sent me of their converted rear shock. When I completed my Whiteline setup, it sort of looked like this. To have the rear shock end up looking like the pic below, here's a guide in short:
  • drill a small hole in the bottom of the shock to relieve the pressure, make sure it's centered as much as possible
  • cut the top of the shock off using a strut/shock or muffler cutter you can buy at Sears for $20
  • remove the the shock from the housing
  • drill a bigger hole in the bottom of the housing using the relief hole you made earlier for the bolt that bolts down Whiteline insert (this is where centering the relief hole comes into play)
  • file this little bump down that is inside the shock housing until you can smoothly slide the insert into the cut housing (to find this bump, look for the weld on the plate the sway bar bolts onto the shock housing, then eyeball where that weld would be on the inside of the shock housing
  • *note* the collar is 52mm in diameter and about 2 inches long which can be shortened if needed. it is provided to extend the existing housing for the insert to lock or wedge into when it gets bolted in place. you can either leave it as is, hoping everything is straight/level or close and bolt everything up or weld it and have it sturdier, then bolt everything up
  • take the shock housing and the collar that is provided with your Whiteline shocks to a welder
  • have the welder level out the top of the shock housing by cutting or grinding so that when he welds the collar into place, it sits flush/straight with the housing. if it's not level the insert will bolt down misaligned
  • have the collar welded and then painted if you wish
  • bolt the insert down into the housing
  • put everything back and off you go


Rear Insert Accepting Shock Conversion for ST185 or ST165

Here are pics of the insert conversion that I now have on my ST185. It's almost the same process as the Whiteline but with a different collar, you don't have to file off the little bump, and you open yourself up to different brands available to be used. You can find more info at Matt Yates' website at: http://www.y8s.com/celica/suspension.html

*The info given above is a use at your own risk basis. It is available only as a guide and is based on my experiences.